iiyama ProLite T17XX

Find the corresponding model for every application and every work area: the ProLite T17XX touchscreen models from iiyama offer various touch technologies, robust housing and attractive picture quality. With a 17'' (43 cm) screen size and a resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, the presentation is always both attractive and sharp.

iiyama ProLite T1731SR, 43.2 cm (17''), zwart: touch monitor (5:4), 43.2 cm (17''), resistieve (5-draads), 1280x1024 pixels, 5ms, helderheid: 200cd, kijkhoek: 170/160°(H/V), contrast: 900:1, DVI, touch interface: USB, RS232, incl.: kabel (USB, RS232, DVI, Audio), netsnoer, QSG, kleur: zwart. Artikelnummer: T1731SR-B1

iiyama ProLite T1732MSC, 43.2 cm (17''), Projected Capacitive, 10 TP, whitetouch monitor (zero-bezel, 5:4), 43.2 cm (17''), Projected Capacitive, multi touch (10 points), 1280x1024 pixels, 5ms, brightness: 225cd, viewing angle: 160/160°(H/V), contrast: 1000:1, antiglare, DVI, VGA, touch interface: USB, incl.: cable (USB, VGA, DVI, Audio), power cable, QSG, colour: white. Artikelnummer: T1732MSC-W1AG

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According to the area of application choose between the particularly long-wearing resistive 5-wire touch technology, the acoustic surface wave technology (SAW) or the projected capacitive multi-touch technology (PCAP) with a bezel-free surface. All SAW and PCAP models feature an impact and scratch-resistant glass surface, which optimally guarantee them protection from damage - even and especially in public usage areas. All models come with an analog and digital DVI input; according to the model, perform the touch connection via USB or RS232. The stable stand allows for maximum flexibility, as it is easily adjustable horizontally up to 90°. The menu buttons are located on the side, and may be locked to protect the monitors from unauthorized access, or for cleaning purposes. Even the touch function may be easily switched off temporarily for cleaning.